Zappiti NAS RIP

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Zappiti NAS RIP „Must AVCESAR. 5/5 stars.

In the end, even if the Zappiti NAS RIP is a budget, it proves a success by easily competing with much more expensive video paperless systems. Its ease of use and offers large storage capacity, and amazing image quality (through Zappiti Player 4K), low cost of adding additional zone. The system is now finalized and available with Premium Support. This is all assets that make it a reference product in the field. You will understand, experience Zappiti NAS RIP is a true happiness. It allows to live his passion for cinema, in any room of a home, via a successful ergonomics, without the constraints of physical discs. DVD and Blu-ray discs will be able to join your vinyl stock in a closet or on a shelf.

twice best of show 2016


Best of Show 2016

The French brand Zappiti received the Best of Show Award for CEDIA 2016 in Dallas by NewBay Media’s Residential Systems and TWICE. These awards honor outstanding products exhibited at the show. Manufacturers submitted products for nomination prior to arriving in Dallas, then a panel of anonymous professional integrator and journalist judges evaluated the entries based on written submissions and visual inspections on CEDIA show floor.

Zappiti Player 4K

Press reviews

Zappiti Player 4K Duo – „Recommanded“.

One of the major plays Zappiti makes in their advertising concerns is over their MagicPixel technology (…) the quality of the MagicPixel processing is evident with great scaling and some pixel luminance tricks giving images a real stand-out quality.

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Zappiti Player 4K Mini – Audio Video HD – 4/5 stars.

Controlled by Zappiti, the Realtek RTD1195 SoC offers a beautiful decoding capacity. It burst the screen! The Zappiti Player 4K Mini offers very interesting results. During video playback, MagicPixel’s contribution is undeniable, regardless of the type of video, starting with the beautiful quality of the upscaling mechanism (…) with an awesome, clear and sharp picture! (…) The main interest of the product is its Zappiti user interface, which remains one of the most successful of its category.

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Zappiti Player 4K „Must AVCESAR. 5/5 stars.

Ultimately, despite the many problems of youth and a slow start, the French manufacturer has proved responsive to user feedback and has always shown great responsiveness since the product launch with regular updates. It now appears a reliable and easy to use media player, compatible with the latest codecs, offering incredible image quality worthy of the best current Blu-ray players and -we reserve we are still some- full of surprises to come!

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T3 Magazine
Zappiti Player 4K – „Elite Product 2016“ award in Streamer TV category.

(T3 2016, Jan/Feb).

The most high-tech of the selection. A real war machine capable of just about anything you can imagine. The ideal solution for home theater enthusiasts.

Diapason Magazine
Zappiti Player 4K Duo – „Recommanded Product“ in Audio-Video category.

In Zappiti family, big brother arrives with a lot of new features. The most important is the ability to store up to 16 TB of data via two racks enclosures for Sata HDD 3.5 inches. (…) A complete media player, with good audio video results, and a great Zappiti onscreen user interface.

Zappiti Player

Press reviews
„We were expecting to see top-end file support in this media centre and the Zappiti Player didn’t disappoint, breezing its way through all kinds of files. (…) The Zappiti Player is easily up there with the best media centres on the market right now. The interface is well designed and it’s easy to set up a media jukebox system.

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HD Fever
„We have here a powerful media player, very pleasant and easy to use every day with a great and astonishing GUI. Design, GUI, fast reactivity, full management, video settings, and the cover art system are a big extra value of this Zappiti Player against to compete!“

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„With powerful chipset and a full Zappiti licence, the Zappiti Player offers a most affordable universal solution with a great Media Center compatible with Movies, TV Series and Music. In addition, Zappiti Media Control app for tablets and smartphones offer a search engine with filters, and play your music files TV free.“

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Award PC Update
„Zappiti Player’s GUI is so easy to use. It is very good interface and it is possible to change the GUI by using personal skins (…). The broswing in video files is fast. We like the autoframerate option, the advanced video setup options, the image quality and the deinterlacing quality“.

„The Zappiti Player is a reference media player in his category. With its astonishing design style such as Blu-ray player the Zappiti Player is easy to place in your home theater system. The firmware is very stable and the file compatibility is huge without almost any issue! In facts, after a few long weeks of use we can’t hesitate to deliver an Award „Must AVcesar“ to this great media player!

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